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I believe that writing is a Craft.

In the hands of a writer who has mastered the Craft, it can become more than that. It can become Art.

But the bedrock is Craft. There are fundamental techniques to be studied, unfamiliar tools to be mastered, tricks of the trade to be learned. And it all takes time.

I've discovered that this belief annoys the hell out of some people (I have battle-scars to prove it) but on my own website I can do what I like...

So in this section I plan to post a few thoughts about The Craft of Writing.

If any of these thoughts are useful to you, if they spark off thoughts of your own - or even if you're one of the individuals who finds them annoying - feel free to drop a note into the Guestbook.

                                              * * *

The following links will take you to a website called East of the Web. They lead to threads where I discuss various aspects of The Craft of Writing with other members of the website. I've been told they're useful - so here they are.

(NB - Sadly, the East of the Web forum has now shut down. If anyone wants information about the following, please send an email to:


                                              * * *

01 Give The Main Character A Problem

02 Something Must Change

03 There Must Be Conflict

04 You Must Know Your Characters

05 Think Hard About Your Story Subjects

06 Master The Different Modes

07 Clear Sentences

08 Have A Sense of Place and Time

09 Point of View

10 Story Openings