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Walking Upside Down:

(A) condensed gem... we get a sense of a complete life, with all of its loss and all of its joy balanced perfectly. "Walking Upside Down" is a real wonder.

(Professor Michael C White) - 2003 Judge, Word Smitten Competition

A recent story by British writer (wordsmitten.com is a USA-based media company) John Ravenscroft titled WALKING UPSIDE DOWN continues to receive thousands of page-view hits; the story is fewer than 500 words.

(Susan Johnson - Fiction Editor at Word Smitten Media)

States Of Matter:

'...the sheer quality of writing in States of Matter is outstanding. If this doesn't move you, you're made of stone.'

(Jacqui Bennett)

The Things You Left Behind:

'bitter, painful, convincing...'   (Orange/Labyrinth Competition Judges)


‘...(an) understated and economically told story... a fine example of the genre and a worthy winner.’

(Jacqui Bennett)

Fishing for Jasmine:

'John Ravenscroft does it again. His writing touches me every time.'

(PDR Lindsay - New Zealand)

'A piece of real craftsmanship...'  (Lindsay Keir Wise)

Running Late:

'An excellent piece of writing. Many congratulations.'

(Pamela Oldfield: Senior Judge of Marsh Ink Competition)

'Great! Taut. I didn't twig until right near the end.'  (Peter Langley)

Fairy Story:

'(A) wonderfully crafted tale: humorous and slyly subversive, written with the assured air of a professional.'

(Way Ahead Competition Judges' Report)

Gift of the Gab:

Excellent, confident, immediately engaging. Quality writing.

(Freestyle Magazine)

Nice Ride:

'... greatly impressed by the quality of writing.'

(Kent Literature Festival Judges)

Ronnie's Rainbows:

'... a beautiful and unusual story.'

(June Hosking: Burmah Castrol Competition Organiser)

Mrs Trappe:

'Very many congratulations...'

(Paula Johnson: Literary Editor, The Mail on Sunday)

A Long Shot:

'I very much enjoyed reading A Long Shot... and hope to make a short film that encompasses it...'

(Justin Baldwin: Film Director)

Watching Through Glass:

'A moving account of a real relationship.'

(George Andrew: Judge, Leominster Festival of the Arts)

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